A thank you from Atlas Solutions..

It was wonderful to receive these kind words from Clement Chew, Managing Director or Atlas Solutions:

“I should like to commend Gavin Smith from CJ-Insurance for the high quality of customer service displayed when we requested for assistance in terms of securing insurance for Atlas, which is a non-UK domiciled company.
He provided valuable advice on the myriad of policies and procedures surrounding the coverage of insurance both locally in the UK and internationally, and impressed my team and myself thoroughly by the conciseness and accuracy of his replies to our queries.
If you are a company which specialises in any services both directly and indirectly related to the security industry, I bid you contact Gavin Smith as your preferred broker for any insurance related matters.”
Clement Chew
Managing Director Atlas Solutions (1190570-P)



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AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 19th March, 2018