What are the benefits of using an Insurance Broker to arrange your insurance?

1)When many businesses are trying to keep their costs down, insurance can feel like an extra expense you could do without,! However,  having the correct insurance should be a priority when running a business, and this can be made far easier easy by using a broker who can find the most suitable  insurance solution for you.

Arranging cover yourself can be difficult when you may have different things that need insuring, work in various different  locations, or if  what you do simply does not fit the box. We are all individuals and as such our insurance requirements often  reflect this, so discussing these with someone who understands business and the finer details of insurance makes good sense. An independent broker will offer free independent advice.

2)Contrary to people thinking that it is easy to compare on the internet, choosing insurance online does have its pitfalls, particularly when it comes to buying business insurance. For example, comparison websites do not always compare a range of insurers and may not ask specific questions about you or your business that an advisor may ask you.  This can lead to gaps in your insurance cover and problems when you need to make a claim.

3)A broker will do the hard work for you – They will approach a number of well known  and often specialist insurers on your behalf, to get you the most competitive and comprehensive quotes you need

4)They get to know you and your business to source the right level of cover that you need at a premium that you are comfortable with.

5)Many people find it invaluable to have all of their insurances looked after by the same person and with an insurance broker you can do this whilst benefiting from your policies being with different insurers. For example a broker can arrange your Business, Home, Car, Properties, Travel, Healthcare, Life Assurance.

6)In the event of a claim, a broker will be there to give you initial advice and to offer support as and when needed, liaising with the insurer on your behalf to work to a swift resolution that doesn’t leave you out of pocket for any longer than necessary.

7)Having the CORRECT advice and insurance can mean the difference between you getting a swift payment and carrying on with your day to day business, or your business getting into severe difficulties and even going out of business in the event of a claim.


The CJ Way

There are no large call centres to contend with. At CJ Insurance our team are UK based, highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have throughout the duration of your policy.

If you feel you would benefit from some advice, please feel free to call us for a chat on 01432 268 007 or email mail@cj-insurance.co.uk

Our business is to know everything there is to know about insurance, working quickly and efficiently, so there is the minimum of stress or hassle for you, leaving you to look after what is important to you…Your business

AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 29th June, 2018