Group Personal Accident and Travel

For organisations who send their employees across the world to pursue business interests on a frequent basis, Group Personal Accident (GPA) and Travel can offer an alternative to regular Business Travel Insurance.

GPA & Travel arranged by Clarke Jeffreys provides flexible protection for companies, both large and small, against the unforeseen financial impact of an injury or illness suffered by a director, employee or contractor working on your behalf.

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Why choose Clarke Jeffreys Insurance?

  • Free review of your insurances if required
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Hotline to specialist insurers with tried and tested claims systems
  • Cover can be incepted over the phone or by email from anywhere in the world
  • Documentation issued within 24 hours and by email
  • Ability to cover those already in the country
  • Ability to cover those non residnet for tax in the UK
  • Authorised by the FCA to write business across Europe

Accidents, no matter where or how they occur, can severely impact a business, whether directly in its failure to meet the obligations of a contract, or to its costs and profit. Aside from the immediate effect on the person injured or ill, such an incident can potentially cause long term problems for the business as it aims to meet future contractual commitments in the absence of key members of staff.

Unlike employers’ liability claims, where the business will need to be found at fault for the injury suffered, GPA is provided to deal with the consequences, the injury or medical costs, not who is to blame.

Flexible cover means we can offer tailored protection, with annual cover or higher limits for key personnel.

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