Professional Sport

With every kick, bat, tackle and step, you take a risk, but that is part of what being a professional or semi-professional sports person is all about. You do not go into a match, or race, or competition thinking that you are going to suffer a career-ending injury or worse, that it is going to be your final day, but at CJ Insurance, it is our responsibility to you as our client, to consider these possibilities.

By doing so we give reassurance to you or your family, that your financial affairs can be accounted for, with professional sport insurance which can include covers such as sickness insurance or a lump sum on your death.

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As a sports person, your body represents one of your greatest and most precious assets, as well as your most valuable one as it is your livelihood. If you find that you are no longer able to rely on your body, for reasons such as injury or sickness, this can be a serious blow to your finances.

Your insurance package can include protection for injuries that end your career, in the form of significant lump sum payments or weekly benefit amounts for the period agreed at the time of arrangement. A lump sum can be provided in the event that you die giving any family members financial security at what would be a difficult and distressing time.

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