Case Study- Mr M is a builder and painter without insurance. He has been asked for proof of insurance to win a contract

Case Study 1

The Builder – Insurance

We were recently approached by Mr M who works as a general builder and painter / decorator.

He has many years’ experience in the trade but has never held insurance.  He had been prompted to look for insurance cover now as a new customer of his had asked for all the contractors working on the premises to have Public Liability insurance.

James at CJ met with the client to discuss his work, the type of properties he would work on, what type of work he would undertake and if he always worked alone or if he had anyone working with him on certain contracts. After discussing the typical work, we asked about the process, do they dig down, work at height, use Heat / Flame on site.  We checked our standard disclosure questions and also asked about tools, plant equipment and if he hired any equipment in larger jobs.


The Advice

Cover was requested for General Builder & Painting – we included Property Maintenance to the insured activities providing broader cover, as this was something he felt he might do and was keen to include.

Premises – most insurance policies restrict work on higher risk premises. A product was provided which lists all acceptable Premises, accordingly if a job comes up not on this list then Mr M needs to refer the contract to us.

No specific cover limit was required, but working on domestic premises mainly – a limit of £2M was advised, with options to increase in the future if required.

Like many trades, on certain jobs Mr M needs another pair of hands – the policy recommended therefore includes Temporary Employees cover just in case one of his colleagues were hurt whilst working on his behalf.

Work Restrictions – Height / Depth limits all discussed and agreed and understood.

Property Being Worked Upon – a very typical policy exclusion, this was specifically discussed and using claims examples Mr M was able to appreciate how this would affect the insurance provided.


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The Paperwork

We confirmed we can email everything same day, also provide documents to confirm the insurance by email to the customer to ensure the job can move along without any delay to customer or builder. Copies of paperwork can be posted  or collected. Payment terms all agreed and contact info all checked.


Ongoing Contact

Email sent and Business card provided for future contact so that Mr M can get in touch with James anytime he needs a chat, ask a question or provide evidence of his insurance to a potential client.



Mr M needed the insurance to get the work and he was able with a 5 minute phone call and 15 minute trip to the office, arrange his insurance for 12 months and keep his customer happy and get back on site.

CJ were able to fully understand his insurance needs, make a suitable recommendation and ensure that he understood what was covered and what is not and has a point of contact who he has met, whom he can contact moving forward with any questions or to amend the policy cover.

The key here is that if Mr M had looked to arrange this cover himself, would have quite possibly be incorrectly insured for his work activities, he would not have cover for the temporary employees and most importantly might have had a piece of paper to confirm insurance  – but without any real understanding of what it actually did.

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AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 16th June, 2017