CJ arranges Insurance for Jewellers in Ledbury, Herefordshire

JB Gaynan & Sons is a Jewellery shop in the beautiful market town of Ledbury in Herefordshire.  They opened on the 1st of February 1947 and are still a family, run independent shop today.

They stock a large selection of items including gold and silver jewellery, fine china, silverware, watches, clocks and barometers.

Jane, Account Executive at CJ Insurance has arranged the Insurance for Gaynans for years and advises Karen, the owner of Gaynans, on her Insurance as and when needed, checking Karen has the cover that she needs and making any changes to the policy when needed.

Karen from Gaynans says:

“In an impersonal world, CJ Insurance stands out with absolutely exceptional customer service. We have used them for years and have always received prompt and welcomed guidance in meeting our insurance needs. They come very highly recommended”

If you are in Ledbury, JB Gaynans can be found on 18 The Homend or you can find their website by clicking here 



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AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 16th April, 2018