Is our lap top insured under my home insurance?

Home contents insurance will typically cover items at home. Usually this section will cover the laptop at home only and for things like fire and theft.

Home contents policies usually have an option for “Accidental Damage” and this is something that should be considered carefully as this would for example cover the lap top being dropped at home. It is always worth checking your policy wording, or taking advice.

The key advantage of any lap top is that it is a portable device, so cover just at your home is not perhaps where the risk is faced. Most home insurance contracts have an option for Personal Possessions, these are the items that leave the home and so this is the most suitable section for your Lap Top. Insured in this way the item is covered at home and anywhere in the UK (sometimes overseas too) on an “all risks” basis – the widest cover –  so this includes theft, accidental damage or loss.

You should also check the sums insured are high enough on your policy both for the total amount of personal effects you may have and the single article limit for any individual item, specifying the lap top if necessary.

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AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 10th October, 2017