Are my kids gadgets insured when they go off to University?

With many around the country about to fly the nest and embark on university, it is worth considering whether all of your young adults items will be insured whilst away from home.  With most of us now having laptops, ipads, phones and games consoles the figures can quickly add up should they need to be replaced.

What does my home insurance cover?

Many home insurance contracts provide an automatic, albeit a limited amount of insurance cover for your dependent whilst remaining in full time education and studying away. The key is to check this is applicable to the specific circumstances. We have heard that some contracts insist on Halls of Residence, and others will not cover “placement” years where there is an element of paid employment.  It is always worth checking the wording or asking a broker for advice or to look over the wording for you.

Add up the value of their items for insurance purposes

We would expect Mum & Dad’s policy to provide around £5,000 of “general contents” cover and for your existing “personal possessions”  to extend to include the boot full of electrical devices that will go with them.

Care should be taken as ever with the limits applicable as if the student has laptop / phone / games console / stereo / sports equipment these need to be carefully totted up to ensure sufficient cover is in place as these remain the at risk items.

Any other questions about insurance cover whilst at university?

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AUTHOR: Helen Clarke

DATE: 22nd September, 2017