Life Insurance – Death by Natural Causes

A traditional life insurance policy covers death from natural causes or bodily injury. However, those working in high risk occupations such as the security industry can find themselves shut out of this type of cover, which is of little reassurance to themselves and their family.

CJ Insurance, based in Hereford and established for over 20 years, have been working with clients operating in challenging or hostile environments for many years, providing them with Natural Causes Life Insurance cover, and have the knowledge and expertise to help provide you with the cover that you need.

In the event of your death, this benefit will pay a specified lump sum to your family or those who rely on you financially regardless of where you are and what work you are undertaking.


Getting cover in place is easy and fuss free, wherever you are in the world. We understand that your work may mean it is difficult to contact us so we will happily discuss your requirements over skype, email or telephone. All paperwork can be sent via email and cover put in place wherever you are in the world.

Premiums start at £250.00 and are dependent on your age and medical history.

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  • Free review of your insurances if required
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Hotline to specialist insurers with tried and tested claims systems
  • Cover can be incepted over the phone or by email from anywhere around the world
  • Documentation issued within 24 hours and by email
  • Ability to cover those already in the country
  • Ability to cover those non-resident for tax in the UK
  • Support throughout the claims process

Main Covers

  • Death by Natural Causes during the period term
  • Excludes Bodily Injury and Suicide

 We are always happy to offer free advice as and when required

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