Personal Accident – Non Hostile

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

A policy arranged to insure you either specifically at work or on a 24/7 basis. Providing a lump sum benefit to you/your family following a bodily injury, resulting in specific consequences such as death or permanent disablement. There is also the option to add a fixed weekly benefit for injury resulting in you unable to carry out your usual occupation.

At CJ Insurance, we have spent time and energy fine tuning our personal accident package which is flexible enough to cover a range of clients, who find themselves on diverse projects from one day to the next, with the experience behind it to make it affordable.

There is no one size fits all solution but many clients choose this package as a start point from which we can amend as required.

Who is the product suitable for?

This product is perfect for those working predominately in the UK and occasionally throughout Europe. It will cover you 24/7 – whilst working and whilst you are not working.

Cover is available for those working outside of Europe including Hostile Locations and can be looked at on a trip by trip basis with the additional premiums being rated specifically for those trips. If you work predominately in Hostile Environments, please see our separate page: Personal Accident – Hostile Environments.

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  • Free review of your insurances if required
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Hotline to specialist insurers with tried and tested claims systems
  • Cover can be incepted over the phone or by email from anywhere around the world
  • Documentation issued within 24 hours and by email
  • Ability to cover those already in the country
  • Ability to cover those non-resident for tax in the UK
  • Support throughout the claims process

Main Covers

Death & Capital Benefits

The Death & Capital Benefits cover pays out a chosen lump sum in the event of Death, Permanent Total Disablement and Loss of Limbs/Sight/Hearing/Speech. This benefit is paid to you/your estate or a named beneficiary if you prefer.

You can select a level of cover that suits your requirements, this could be for example £100,000, £200,000 or £300,000.

Total Temporary Disablement

If you are involved in an accident, you may be off work for a substantial period of time. The Total Temporary Disablement cover provides a weekly benefit to replace the loss of income you may suffer during this time.

For those with families, mortgages, bills, this can be especially important. If you are the main earner in the household and you are unable to work, it could have serious implications for the rest of the family. This cover gives you the peace of mind and financial security.

For example if you had a benefit of £750 per week and were injured for a total of 10 weeks. The first 14 days are an excess period. However, you would receive a total of £6,000 paid to you monthly like a usual salary for the rest of the period you are injured and unable to return to work.

Medical and Additional Expenses

The final cover under the policy is Medical and Additional Expenses outside of the UK (inside the UK being automatically covered by the NHS).

If you were working abroad and were taken to hospital the policy would respond and cover the emergency medical expenses.

If required, the policy would ensure you are repatriated back to the UK for further treatment. Something not provided by your European Health Card.


For £100,000 Death & Capital Benefits, £500 per week Total Temporary Disablement & £1,000,000 Medical and Additional Expenses the premium would be £300 plus Insurance Premium Tax = £328.50 inclusive.

The levels of cover can be tailored to suit your requirements, such as if you require £173,000 to cover the mortgage for example.

At CJ Insurance we will listen to your requirements and the offer a suitable policy that does exactly what you need it to.

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